Guanajuato, Mexico

10 Dec

Guanajuato, Mexico

I recently went to Mexico for the first time. Guanajuato was a great place to experience the country and, more importantly, devour tons of amazing Mexican food.


Nightlife at the California Academy of Science

5 Sep

, originally uploaded by yonajon.

Thursdays are party nights at the California Academy of Science. A few weeks back I found myself enjoying the nightlife at CAS – the aquarium was especially fun!


8 Jun

Boulder, originally uploaded by yonajon.

A couple months ago, Ofri and I spent a few days in Boulder. Got in some good hikes, excellent meals, and saw some friends. Will be back some day!


23 Feb

Dinner, originally uploaded by yonajon.

More than a Year

17 Dec

More than a year has passed since I updated this blog.  A lot has happened during the last year, though not much blogging it seems.  Some quick highlights for 2008:

  • Dapper moved headquarters to San Francisco from Tel Aviv.  We got an office.  I stopped working from home.  Things started happening on the business front.  We built a business model.  My cofounder moved to Sunnyvale.  I got real busy.  We added a some great people to our team.  We recently moved into our second office of 2008 by the Caltrain.
  • More things ended up on the walls of my apartment.  Until just yesterday there were two huge walls that still had nothing on them.  Ofri finally put up some of Liesbeth’s beautiful paintings in the bedroom, and I put up some of my photos from Thanksgiving in the living room.  We’ve still got work to do.  Today we finished constructing my holiday gift: a spice rack that Ofri designed and created with her school’s laser cuter – that made it onto the kitchen wall.
  • I made great strides in my cooking.  Taking a cue from my good friend Roos, I started cooking my favorite Indian dishes from scratch.  I bought a food processor.  I bought good pans.  I accessorized the kitchen.  I realized I can make any dish I want if I just try.  I realized I could even cook for other people.  I’ve been making lasagna, Chinese orange chicken, butter chicken, aloo gobi, garlic chicken, larb gai, and much, much more.  We started eating green salad every day.  I started liking tomatoes more than I once did.  I started baking, making chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, and coconut cookies.
  • I slowed down my travel to and from Israel.  From August 2007 until May 2008, I traveled to Israel every 3-5 weeks.  Since May, I’ve only been to Israel once.  While it has been necessary to slow down my travel both because Dapper is more active in the States and because it was wrecking havoc on my life, I do miss my frequent trips to Tel Aviv.  For a while, I was maintaining some semblance of two lives simultaneously (though at some point I realized that two half-lives does not equal a full life).  I miss my friends and family there and the vibrancy of life in that crazy country.
  • I organized and held a fun event for Dapper called DapperCamp at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco.  Lots of people came and it was a success.  Building on my experience of running the event, I’m helping bring the Internet Marketing Conference to San Francisco in May, 2009.
  • Ofri and I did a whole lot of hiking and camping: Henry Coe, Lake Pillsbury, frequent trips to Mount Tam and Point Reyes, and more in the Bay Area.
  • I traveled to a bunch of places I didn’t know well or had never been before, and Ofri joined me on some of the trips.  Particularly enjoyable trips were Seattle, Vancouver, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. I especially enjoyed my second trip to India.  I visited Bangalore and Mysore and am eagerly awaiting my return this spring.  Part of me really connects well with India and the Indian people.  I’ve got the head wobble down.  And I love the food so much.
  • All the travel added up, I earned tons of frequent flier miles, and I requalified for my elite status on Continental for another year.  If you want to dork out to my flight paths, check out my flight memory.

The year will end in Peru (courtesy of those frequent flier miles)  Ofri and I leave soon for our first foray into South America.

Hopefully 2009 will bring with it as much progress, both in life and in work, as 2008 did.  If nothing else, I finally feel back in my place in the US, and some sense of stability has returned to what was, for a long time, a very hectic life.

Best wishes to everyone reading this – happy holidays, happy new year, and happy 2009!

Nokia N95 Cracks and then I Crack

28 Oct

I had been doing so well. I resisted the temptation last week at the Apple store, having realized that my Nokia N95 is by all means a fantastic telephone and needs not to be replaced by an iPhone. I tamed my envy.

Last night, I take my phone out of my pocket and see the following:

Nokia N95 - Cracked!

No idea how that happened.

Now yeah, I could have dealt with this until two weeks from now when I’ll be back in Tel Aviv. After my last phone fiasco (read: swimming with your smartphone will break it), I smartly insured this phone. But who can spend two weeks without email, calendaring, and more on the go? At least that’s what I told myself when walking into the Apple store today. So now I have an iPhone. I’m sure I’ll miss the N95…

Life with a Canon 30D

25 Oct

Those of you who know me, know that I’ve long loved photography. For years I’ve wanted a digital SLR and so recently I finally broke down and bought one. I totally love it – now I just need some more hard drive space.

I’m still not sure what solution to use for showcasing my photos, but so far I’ve broken it down as follows:

I’m using PicasaWeb for full albums that I want to show friends after an outing

Flickr for my higher quality photos

Facebook for photos of my friends who are on Facebook. (I’m using some Facebook application called zuPort to post my Flickr photos into Facebook – anyone have a better recommendation?).

My old gallery has long since been retired, but maybe I’ll resurrect it some day.

I’m using Xee and Adobe Bridge to manage files locally on my computer.

I’d love to hear other people’s photo strategies. In the mean time, check out my photos and let me know what you think.