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Mayumana and David Broza

6 Aug

Today I’m 25 and while I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, at least now I can rent a car like a normal person.

Last night, to celebrate my birthday, Ofri took me to a performance in Yaffo by a group called Mayumana. The troupe performed with one of my favorite Israeli artists, David Broza. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was totally impressed. It’s a bit hard to explain what the group does, but it’s some sort of well-choreographed composition of dancing, singing, breakdancing, beatboxing, drumming, guitar playing, lighting, trash cans, violions, didjs, and comedy. David Broza mixed in with the group extremely well, playing quite a few of his songs while Mayumana did their thing around him, in tight coordination. I was probably most impressed by how talented each individual was, exhibiting such a wide range of skills. Beyond that, the show started right on time, the place was clean, and everything was well arranged.

It’s well worth the evening. To give you a sense of what goes on, I’m including some a photo and video clip from another performance. Each show is different, but it conveys the general idea. If you’re in Israel in August, I’d highly recommend going.