Jonathan Aizen

I was born and raised in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts – Amherst, MA. I got my degree in computer science from Cornell University in another beautiful town, Ithaca, NY. I’m a veteran web enthusiast, obsessed with the Internet and the ways in which it affects our lives. I’ve been building web sites in some form or another since 1994.

My professional experience includes establishing my own company, WebTrax, at the age of thirteen with my father, working as a network administrator for my middle and high schools, teaching about various computer-related topics, data mining and building web-interfaces for Alexa Internet, developing and deploying the Internet Archive‘s massive and highly trafficked website, working on a music and social networking startup in San Francisco, and founding a successful web startup called Dapper, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2010. In November 2012, I founded a new company, Amitree, to make complex life processes more manageable.

I’ve lived in Amherst, Ithaca, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, and have enjoyed traveling the world – Europe, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. I currently live with my wife in San Francisco.

While I rarely update this blog anymore, I randomly feel inspired and post some thoughts. You can keep better tabs on me at my personal website over at

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