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The Hidden Lake

4 Sep

After hearing much about a “hidden” lake in northern Israel, Ofri, Nachshon, and I set out to find it. Nestled in between some cliffs and desert-like sand, we found the lake glimmering in the sun. It may be hidden from view, but at least 25 others were able to find it this past Saturday. It was totally beautiful, the water was cool, and the swimming was fantastic. I didn’t know Israel actually had bodies of water other than the Galilee and the Dead Sea. It was refreshing to swim in water that doesn’t sting from salt. The lake is extremely deep – 5 meters at the edge – and fairly big (for Israel): 40 meters by 150 meters. Here are some photos.

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake


In Search of Forests

31 Jul

One of the things I miss the most from my years in Amherst, Ithaca, and San Francisco is the woods. Green trees, ferns, moss, trails covered in pine needles, soft loam under my feet. Though it’s certainly not void of nature, Israel is definitely not lush. Trails tend to be dusty and dry and there are no forests like those in Amherst. For a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that Israelis keep bragging about when it comes to Israeli nature. Yes, it is beautiful, but I’ve always missed the woods. So recently I set out to find the closest thing I could find to a forest in Israel, and I was pleasantly surprised. Ofri, Nir, and I set out for a day hike in Ya’ar Kdoshim near Jerusalem (next to a town called Beit Meir). It was beautiful and uniquely Israel, and it made me realize that, with some effort, I can find nature that I can relate to here in Israel. I really enjoyed myself. Here are some photos: