Dapper Progress

30 Apr

Dapper has become a big part of my life since February. Eran Shir and I have been working hard on making it a reality and it's finally going somewhere. In a nutshell, the long-term vision is to do for web applications what Geocities did for personal homepages. I'd like to see anybody, programmer or not, be able to construct and provide valuable services on the web. The shorter term goal, which I think we've already made a lot of progress on, is to provide programmers with the ability to create an XML web service for any website and then use that XML in any way they see fit.

I'd love to have some feedback on Dapper, so please use it and spread the word to your friends.

In the mean time we've been meeting with venture capitalists here in Tel Aviv, some of them are Israeli branches of larger US-based firms. The responses have been positive and will hopefully lead to the recruitment of some excellent talent this fall.


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